Gratitude Practice

In this very moment, take pause and begin to biologically orient around your space.  Notice the colors, textures and items around you and become aware as to what your eyes settle upon.

Begin to notice the sounds around you, the warmth or coolness of the air and bring awareness to the quality and pace of your breath.  Count how many seconds it takes you to inhale and how many seconds it take you to exhale, than silently continue to count upon each in-breath and out-breath.

As you begin to feel more settled, stop the counting and just breath.  Imagine breathing into your heart center and exhaling from your heart center ( repeat many times) then ask yourself  “ What or who am I grateful for. “

Take this time to imagine this gratefulness you have and begin to notice what you feel or sense throughout your body.

Each day it is important to take pause and just be present.