Wellness Retreats

Escape the typical routines. Carve out dedicated time to relax. And immerse yourself in a custom wellness experience.

Though each retreat with Danica is different and completely original, each experience will help you awaken an inner connection – so you can discover what your mind and body have to say.

Danica’s wellness retreats combine mindful movement, meditation, music, nourishment, teachings, and more. Many are held in collaboration with local wellness experts, who add a special focus and extra support.

Small group retreats are offered seasonally and are open to the community. Danica also offers private retreats for small groups, faculty, teams, special groups, and more. All private retreats are completely customized to fit the specific needs of the group.

Consider booking a private retreat if you’re looking for a:

  • Fun and rejuvenating outing with friends
  • Special way to mark milestones
  • Connected team-building experience
  • Restorative space for faculty and staff

Pricing for private retreats varies. Please call or fill out contact form for details.