Compassion For Others Begins With Kindness To Ourselves

-Peña Choden

Work with Danica

Danica Lynch is an interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner known for her compassionate approach, teaching programs, community-driven advocacy, and unique integrated approach to mind-body health and wellness.  She combines education, experience and compassion, to her collaborations and work with individuals, groups and organizations to create a deeper sense of physical, mental and emotional connection.

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Danica’s teachings are designed to help you tap into an organic breath, connect with the subtle body, observe the conscious mind, regulate the nervous system and stir a sense of inner compassion you can take off the mat and into the rest of your day.

Embodying Wellness

Embodying Wellness® is a training that integrates the wisdom of Somatic Experiencing® with yoga and meditation. We discuss the mental and physical benefits of scientific research, holistic health, how to strengthen the nervous system, why the mind-body connection is essential to healing trauma, and more. 

Somatic Experiencing

 Somatic Experiencing is one of the most comprehensive body-oriented modalities that helps heal traumatic events and stress disorders.  Learn to tap into your body’s natural healing abilities, regulate your nervous system, and return to a state of present awareness. 


Why Ayurveda? Danica serves as an Ayurvedic Practitioner, teaching and training people to live a healthier, more balanced holistic lifestyle.